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    SHARMIAN'S RECORDS Is A True Independent Record Lable Platform that SHARMIAN created to preserve her own God Giving Untouched Music to preserved the Integrity & Originality of Her Country Sound 

    SHARMIAN Appears on FOX San Diego

    SHARMIAN has proven to Music City Nashville & RADIO that she is a SHOW-STOPPING SINGER Belting out Ballads that bring Crowds to their feet

    You can Find SHARMIAN on The RED CARPETS

    SHARMIAN The Golden Voice of NASHVILLE, The RED CARPET STARLETT Has Graced High Profile HOLLYWOOD Red Carpets along with The GRAMMYS Red Carpets to The ACM's & CMA's. SHARMIAN will be at the ACM AWARDS 2018

    SHARMIAN Sings To Country RADIO

    From the ARTIST of "I DRANK MYSELF TO BED" and "HURRICANE" ..... Now Brings her New Single "MY LAST REGRET" to COUNTRY RADIO. 

    A Little More About SHARMIAN

    SHARMIAN Embraces Her Passion

    SHARMIAN Grew up in Southern California where she acquired most of her singing abilities, taking that to NASHVILLE where she met Her late Husband ESTILL SOWARDS, Manager and producer of JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY AND LATER ON founded Johns Brother to become a DUO with TROY GENTRY Becoming MONTGOMERY\GENTRY and now has his Legacy to live by, Estill completed me and has put his years of the MUSIC Buisness in me She says, SHARMIAN has gone on to accomplish Big Dreams far beyond her expectations, She walks Hollywood RED CARPETS along with The GRAMMYS to the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS bringing her music to COUNTRY RADIO Nationally with her Hits "I DRANK MYSELF TO BED" and "HURRICANE"  she sang to 700 program Directors In HOUSTON TX at The Annual R&R Convention then made it on the Front Cover of BILLBOARDS Sister Magazine R&R. Now with SHARMIANS New Single "MY LAST REGRET" She plans on Raising Awareness of Guardianship, Probate and Family court fraud, SHARMIAN has released her New Single called "MY LAST REGRET", A song she wrote about her experiences with the court system and how JUDGES and ATTORNEYS kidnapped her mother through our court system FORGERY & FRAUD

    FROM THE ARTIST OF...... "Hurrican" & "I Drank Myself To Bed" NOW brings Her NEW Single "MY LAST REGRET"

    Be Inspired By Everything

    I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and of Real Life, Love, Happiness and Challenges of Real Everyday Expieriences. I Am the Men and Womens FRIEND and I STRIVE to bring our AMERICAN FAMILIES back to the ROOTS of family values and Dreams In hopes to bring FORGIVNESS, LOVE and COMMITMENT back in the HOME through the Songs I write and the Music I Produce on My Own Independent Record Lable SHARMIAN'S RECORDS.

     I love to take Chances that most people wont take.


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    You are Not alone if you have been Victimized by GAURDIANSHIP FRAUD or HUMAN TRAFFICKING

    Hi this is sharmian I just want you to know you are not alone if this had not happened to me I wouldn't have believed it but an attorney came to our house and bullied and forced my mother out of our home, after months of Prayer God showed me how to bring my mom home, I did and now she has had her guardianship terminated, if there's any advice I can give you it is you have to fight, not just you but the victim has to fight


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    While on her trip to Nashville SHARMIAN meets HIGH PROFILE TOP COUNTRY MOGEL Bob Kingsley and his wife and let's them know she is back, meeting with radio from all over she anticipates a great response to her new single called "MY LAST REGRET" SHARMIAN has appeared on the front cover of R&R Magazine 6 times in a row and walked high-profile red carpets from the Grammys to the ACMs and CMAs, you're sure to get an album full of great music when you tune in to SHARMIANS RECORDS a true independent Record label